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Brian J McLaughlin BA, MIEX, MILT runs MCL Associates.

He started his career in General Motors where he held posts in export shipping, export invoicing and import control. In 1982 he joined BL plc as Customs Adviser, and was the principal customs representative for the Rover Group of companies (as BL plc later became) until 1994. During much of this period, Brian also acted for British Aerospace, providing customs assistance to military and civil aircraft manufacturers.

He played a leading role advising BAe on the implications of the European Single Market and served on BAe’s single Market committee. Following BMW’s purchase of Rover, he became Rover customs manager, and then was appointed customs manager of Land Rover when that organisation was bought by Ford.      He has been a freelance customs adviser since 2001.

Brian has interests in a wide range of customs and export organisations. These include the Institute of Export (cOVENTRY & South Midlands branch Council Member), British International Freight Association (co-opted onto their PG5-Customs committee), CILT (the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport), the Customs Practitioners Group (London based, mainly consultants & lawyers with some industry members), ACITA (Automated Customs & International Trade Association) and retains links into the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders). He has represented the CBI and the UK Commercial Aviation Customs Group on the JCCC, the only UK Customs & Trade contact point. He has access to a comprehensive range of contacts and sources of information related to customs and tariffs, international trade and import/export related subjects. He speaks German, Greek and Spanish, and has some French.

Providing your company manufactures or imports or exports some product or services, you could have a strong financial  interest in contacting MCL Associates.  

Brian has three notable publications which are available directly from him.   They are all automotive related.
These are:
“ Customs Classification Guide (Harmonised System), Automotive and Transporation Industry”
This publication has recently been noted by the World Customs Organisation as an illustration of a product classification guide;
“Customs Databook – Europe & the Americas”
“Customs Databook – Africa, Middle East & Asia Pacific”

The Customs Classification Guide is a 6-digit customs tariff classification of motor vehilcles and parts, listed alphabetically and numerically.   This 6-digit HS code makes it usable in every customs administration in the world.   It is currently in use by two major UK motor vehicle organisations and by other assembly organisations in Pakistan.   The Customs Databooks consist of a one page country brief with a one page duty rate sheet, for a fixed range of vehicles and related assemblies and parts.  


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